Unmatched Legal Perspective

Your solution is crafted by considering an exceptional array of legal angles, a unique advantage stemming from Mᵉ de Nyary Comandini’s multi-jurisdictional qualifications.

Client-Centric Communication

Your needs drive our approach. We are dedicated to understanding your priorities and effectively articulating your vision. We strive to meet your expectations for excellence.

Innovative Structure

You have direct access to the lawyer solving your matter and save on costs, thanks to our futuristic employee-free model. We leverage technology to best serve you.

About Cabinet Mᵉ de Nyary Comandini

Cabinet Mᵉ de Nyary Comandini is a modern law and public affairs practice based in Europe. The firm operates in a distinctive manner: it is employee free. Instead, it relies on state of the art technology and a vast network of competent international professionals. The right personalities and levels of experience are carefully handpicked to help you reach your objectives. This translates into lower fees, better transparency, higher service quality, and greater passion.

About Mᵉ de Nyary Comandini

Edouard de Nyary Comandini launched his own practice to provide services fit for the future. He creates and invests in new technologies to offer unique services. His experience in various professional fields and countries shaped his ambitious and flexible approach to entrepreneurship and problem solving. Mr. de Nyary Comandini is a French and Italian national, and fluently speaks English, French, and Italian. He is qualified as a lawyer in Belgium, France, England, Luxembourg, and Wales. He is a current member of the Brussels and the Paris Bars in Belgium and France, respectively, and a solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales. Edouard holds a double qualification degree in English Law and French Law from the University of Exeter in England, and a Master of Business Law from the University of Rennes in France.

“Your vision, articulated through precise legal language, becomes a powerful tool for success. Let’s make that happen.